03 January 2009

Me, Trapped In Christmas Ball

If you still remember, I was in Midvalley Mega Mall during in New Year eve - somewhere in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It wasn't that crowded compare to other area in the never-sleep-city. I prefer somewhere peaceful yet happening.

However, my New Year Eve wasn't that interesting although it is peaceful and harmony as I want. Why? It is a bad location for countdown and firework. The atmosphere wasn't that good.

Sorry to say that, I didn't enjoy at all as I didn't get a tiny view of the fireworks nor hearing any cheering voice. I guess, the message on the location wasn't that clear since they just mentioned the name of the hotel.

In conclusion, Midvalley isn't a great place for New Year eve.


Anyway, I was still enjoying myself with their Christmas decoration before the clock stroke 11pm. The theme of the Christmas decoration is circus and it has reminded me about BritneySpears's latest album: Circus.


And guess what?
I manage to snap a few photos of myself when I was trapped in the Christmas balls. Sound tricky uh?


I didn't lie!!!!

Can you notice the alphabet 'A'??

Seriously, I love these collection of my photos. They look unique and so Christmasy. Ok. Ok. I know I know. Christmas is over and I should focus on Chinese New Year. But but.. Let me share another few more photos before moving on to another subject, may I?

That's great. I still prefer Christmas celebration in Midvalley, rather than their firework for New Year 2009.


Whatever it is..
I'm so in love with this collection of photos of me, standing in the gold in colour Christmas ornament which was hanging on the Christmas tree.. :P

My signature! :P

Wu la la~