17 January 2009

Vote For Penang!

No one should miss voting for Penang as the top 22 places to go in 2009!

Yes. No one. Especially me!

I received a note from Sze Ling few days ago in Facebook, showing me the link to vote for Penang in The New York Times website. Thank dear for the sweet notification. At my first glance, I was surprised on how Penang managed to be picked as the most recommended place to be visited in Malaysia. It is not Malacca, not Pahang, not Sabah and not even Kuala Lumpur.

To my amazement, Penang is being ranked as the top 22 among the 44 by The New York Times and I am really proud of it. Seriously, Penang is a really beautiful place with her unique cultures and arts, cheap and yummy food (OF COURSE!), historical building and nice people (like me.. lol..).

So, I am really proud of it and do vote for Penang by clicking on the Penang icon and click the recommendation box. There are 2 categories. The first category is based on The New York Times's votes while the other one is based on the readers' votes. As for the readers' votes, Penang is being ranked as the top 2!

Extremely excited!

Just in case you might be my first time reader who happen to bump into this page and have no idea on what I said about Penang, don't worry. Here are some links of my previous posts which I had blogged about Penang and you can have a quick look on them.

What are you waiting for? Click on this link below and vote for Penang!

If you have made any beautiful post on Penang, you can send your link here and I can attach your link(s) here with no extra charge... and I am serious!