09 January 2009

Popular Blog Award From Bloggerunited, Again!


Curryegg has received another Popular Blog Award again from Bloggerunited!!!! Oh my. I'm seriously excited since the very first day of 2009. I've never felt so honour becoming a blogger till Rei, the founder of Bloggerunited organized a room for awards giving every month. Yes. Every MONTH!

This idea is like a motivation which will drive every blogger to blog more, connect to the community more and produce quality posts more.

More more more!

Undeniably, this is one of the motivation which will encourage each of us - the blogger to be more active in blogosphere. Besides, it is something proud which we would love to keep in our long term memory and a way to thank our readers for following our blog.

It is a compliment.
It is an encouragement.
It is a gift.

This time, the interview is special because Bloggerunited's new moderators are working on their first task and successfully conducted the session. 4 interviews have been done and you can spot our interviews on top of the Bloggerunited homepage.

I love this latest banner. Thank Rei.

Blue8118, me, Relaxtoday and Caffery received awards for Popular Blogger Of The Month, Popular Blog, Popular Blogger and Blogger Of Hospitality respectively.

Read my interview here.

My interviewee, Worldangle (Wendy) is smart in leading the whole interview session with her brainstorming questions. Seriously, it makes me think a lot, reflecting my past, present and future.

Good job Wendy!
Thank for the wonderful session. I love it!

Last but not least, I wanna thank to all my readers who have been following my blog and supporting me all the time. You guys make my dream sweeter..

Love you all!

P/S: There is no copy and paste on the interview this time because I feel wrong breaking the copy right. Besides, the design in that page is much better than here. Do check it out..

P/S/S: Be a member of Bloggerunited if you are a blogger and experienced yourself in this growing social community. And BE POPULAR together.. :P

P/S/S: To read my first interview session, you still can get it here..