02 January 2009

Wonderful 2009

Since this morning, I was busy cleaning my house together with my family members. Chinese New Year is just a stone throw. That's why mum is worrying we might not able to clean the house on time, before Chinese New Year arrives. Thus, we clean it earlier.

Yesterday, I have just prepared myself for 2009 and right now, I have to make another preparation for the Chinese New Year - physically, mentally and biologically. Oh my. That is fast and I am not ready for the year of Ox.

At the same time, I thought of making a complete recap for my blog in the year of 2008 on what I had done before today. So, I tried to check out my achieves and GOSH! I am seriously surprised on what I had blogged before. There are stupendous amount of blog posts in 2008 and I am impressed with myself.

Be it a quality post or vice versa, I'm still impressed.


After browsing my 2008 posts from month to month, I ended up doing nothing on them. Instead, I had a weird feeling. It is a kind of complicated feeling which is hard to describe them here. I remember Rei told me before. There is nothing as complicated feeling being listed in Psychology book.

Anyone willing to help me in picking up the best adjectives for my feeling right now?

There are a mixture of joy yet sadness and a bit excited.
2008 has just left us and now, it is time for us to face the brand new year - 2009. There will be no more Olympic nor smiling moon. But of course, I believe there will be more interesting events or incident knocking our door.

I can't wait to write down my plans, ideas, notes, feelings and story into my new RED DIARY! I just receive it today from my aunt and it is exactly the one I have been looking for. It is the same as the old diary which I used in 2008 - from Prudential. Useful and organize diary is what I want. Besides, it is free.. :D

Thank aunt!

Changing my diary from old into a new one, it has made me realize that I should leave my past and move on to my new life. Anything which has dragged us down and slow down our running pace should be handled properly before we can move on. This is what we call life.

I am still missing my granny and have been keeping the photo between me and my granny in my diary. Whenever I am missing her, I will take it out and mesmerize the memory between she and I. Very often, it ended up with watery eyes or big sigh.

Thank Ambika for the lovely email:

Dearest AOL Family,

“The secret of health for both mind and body is not to mourn for the past, not to worry about the future, not to anticipate troubles, but to live the present moment wisely and earnestly”.

Wishing all of you a blessed and wonderful 2009 and may the forthcoming year bring you loads of health, peace, joy and happiness.

Jai Guru Dev



She is right.
Never regret for the past, never worry for future but live present for the fullest.

2008 has taught me to be a braver girl in accepting the death of the people I love. It also teaches me forgive and forget. Yes. I am slowly learning right now and trying my best to apply this in my life. It will of course makes our lives happier and not burden ourselves with hatred and disappointment.

If you do, then you are wasting your valuable life.
Once we are gone from this world, it will be forever and ever.

Realizing death is something I should always keep in mind, I become a more mature girl. The way I think is slightly different now compare to a year before. I want to achieve something which have always be my dreams and this year is my starting point in making them come true.

No more unrealistic day dreaming but action and smart work.

That is why, the diary of Prudential this year is in RED!

RED is hot.
RED is fame.
RED is force.
RED is spicy!!!