20 January 2009

A Message To Kevin

I was trying to look for my Chinese New Year (CNY) clothes last Sunday but ended up buying nothing. The mall was too crowded. Instead of looking for garments, I ended up looking for ways to escape.Lol..

Kuala Lumpur is so packed especially during weekend and festival season.



While I was trying to escape from the mall, I came across with something familiar. I knew I saw this before when I was with Kevin and aunt. Gosh. I am so missing them right now. No call, no emails, no news from him and aunt. It is like suddenly they are disappearing from my world.

The last time we had meal together.
I miss the mini pizza! It is really nice!

Kevin, if you read this, do leave your email or call back. We miss you here..


I knew my aunt love these toys and I secretly captured some of the photos, again. This time, it was in the mall. Any CCTV around?

Lol. Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh~~

Aren't they lovely? I love them a lot!!!

How I hope I can follow them to United State. Then I can meet Barack Obama in White House. Haha.. I am waiting him to appear in front of the TV in CNN channel. Can't wait.