21 January 2009

I Need A Catalyst

I was trying to concentrate in class today but unbelievably, failed. The serious headache really distracting my concentration no matter how hard I tried. Normally, I will not allow myself from shutting down my brain while the lecturer or any speaker who is teaching something important. I will never miss a word for sure as I believe every single word lead to something beneficial for my future - not just for exam of course. Never.

Any day but today.

A friend of mine was frowning when she realized a sudden change in me - quiet and inactive in class (a really rare incident). If you knew me well, you will can see my extrovert behavior. Lol.. She even messaged my neck area, trying reduce my pain. Thank dear.. You are so sweet.

I believe, this serious headache is caused by stress. I have been thinking about my future lately. It causes me a massive headache. Questions like the below 5Wives & 1Husband questions keep on bugging me:

a) Who should I be?
b) Where should I go?
c) When should I start?
d) What should I do?
e) Why am I want it?
d) How should I achieve it?

As I tried filling in the blank in each question with my rational answers, I realize I haven't equipped myself with enough knowledge, skills and experiences. The goals which I have set earlier seemed to be so far ahead and I don't know how to achieve them in a faster rate? It seems that I am impatience and wanna speed things up. Is it a good thing?

I don't know why but I find myself lost. The more I questioned myself, the worrier I become. Well, I guess I shall stop worrying and look for a better solution. There is no point sitting in a corner, worrying and do nothing. Instead, I shall start working. Right?

Is there any effective biological or artificial enzyme to catalyze my learning process? I want to boost up my learning. All of the sudden, I miss my Biology..



Something random. A post without a picture is so not me. Haha..
I need something happy like these:

Took this during December.
They are all made by balloons! Nice? :D


I am feeling motivated now!!!!
All of the sudden, the positive energy is rushing back to me and I am excited to continue my journey, again! Yeah. Curryegg is ready to rock the world, again! Come on babey! I love you so much! Hahaha... ;D