07 January 2009

Still, I Love The Original Hainan Kopitiam

Local post.

There is no way I will forget the original Hainan Kopitiam, never ever!

As we know, there are a lot of Hainan Kopitiam out there in Malaysia and the number of franchise kopitiam is mushrooming since a decade ago. Most of the franchise shops with outstanding design and free wireless service have beaten down those shops with old design. Not to mention these unattractive Hainan old shop with no conditioning room and less variety of food are at the losing battle.

P/s: Kopitiam is originated from Hainan word which means coffee shop.

But who cares?

Curryegg still love the old Hainan Kopitiam and always have her breakfast there with her dad. Well, we are not just having breakfast in that particular shop. We go to any Hainan Kopitiam which we think is nice and original.

Of course, Oldtown is still listed in our list but when it comes to breakfast, I will prefer the old Hainan Kopitiam.

The reasons will be:

  1. They make good drink - especially milk tea (milk+tea), kopi O and Sham Yat Jiang (Coffee+Tea+milk)
  2. Friendly service - They will chat with you and treat you as friend. You can't get a foreign worker like in Oldtown to chat football result or petrol price with you.
  3. Fresh toasted bread - You will get fresh toasted bread which taste like heaven with good quality kaya and butter.
  4. Free newspaper - Yes. Free newspaper for reading.
  5. Ancient decoration - You get to enjoy whatever your grandparents had experienced before.
  6. Learn Hainan dialect - if you're lucky, you can get free learning course!
  7. I am a Hainanese - :P
  8. Reminded me about my grandpa - He worked in a kopitiam when he was still alive.
  9. Cheaper!


These are the reasons which attracted me to keep on going back to the Hainan Kopitiam (some are not 100% original anymore).

And I just had my breakfast in a Hainan shop couple of hours ago. I have no class today and it has allowed me to enjoy my beautiful morning with my favourite healthy oats bun and Sam Yat Jiang.


Sam Yat Jiang is Hainan words mean 3 in 1 - milk, coffee and tea. This is one of the best-popular-drink in kopitiam and you should try if you haven't.

Photo was taken using - N eggie. Not bad!

It is soft and mouth watering with kaya and butter in it.. :P

No photo of myself because I was still half wake half asleep while having my breakfast this morning. That would have spoilt your day if I insisted to to put my photo here. Hahahaha...

Still, I love the original Hainan Kopitiam.
Shouldn't I?