24 January 2009

Greeting From Lim Anuar

In another 24 hours, we will be in the year of Ox. I just can't wait as I heard some of the 'feng shui' tips from the TV and radio, stating that this coming year will be a great year for a few Chinese zodiac and rabbit is included!!!


Wealth, love, studies, health and luck are all go to rabbits! Isn't this a great news? Well, I have no idea on how accurate it might be as there are no theories nor fact to support the Chinese reading. Like what Dr. A had told us in class, we must have enough reliability and validity to prove a statement or theory correct.

Right, my dear coursemates?
I know some of you are reading this and don't tell Dr. A ya.. hahahaha....

Anyway, good news are always welcome no matter how unreliable it might be - of course, not if it is something illogical. My rational mind work well in this case. Thus, no matter how, I will treat my Ox year and 2009 as a good starting for my extra-ordinary journey. Yes. I believe in myself.

At the same time, I do hope it will bring you good luck and beautiful year as well. No matter what, we are still the one who choose our own destiny. Don't just rely on Feng Shui or fate. Without hard work, there is no result.

Let us focus on Lim Anuar now, as what I had written on my blog post title. I wonder how I manage to maneuver that far from my main topic. Lol.. Sorry.

This morning, I have received a beautiful e-card from Lim Anuar, one of my friend who I knew from RC Deaf Mission. He is a deaf artist who work in Lim Kok Wing (my dream university years ago) and I really admire his work a lot. Besides, he has showed me the courage to pursue his dream despite his disadvantage. After years of hardwork, he is now a well-known local deaf artist who shares his talent with the world. That's one of the aspect which I adore him a lot.

Can you be my 'si fu'??

I love his Chinese New Year greeting card so much.
Thank you Lim Anuar. Hope that you wouldn't mind as I am sharing your lovely card here... The cows are so cute. Did you really snap them?

Right now, I am missing my other RC Deaf Mission friends - both deaf and hearing friends. We make good companions and I will never forget my experience when I was with them. They have taught me to be stronger and braver each day although, communication might be a problem for us to get closer.

No matter how, I am trying not to forget my sign language (sigh.. I am slowly forgetting them. Knock my head twice. Ouch!).

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Thank you my friends and I am looking forward to meet you guys in the next gathering.
Happy Chinese New Year and God bless.

Again, Happy Ox Year to my lovely readers who always eager to find out more about this extra-ordinary egg - ME of course! Haha.. You are the main reason why I am still keeping this blog for 2 years.
2 YEARS!!!!!

Wow... I really can't believe it.
Thank you for loving this Curryegg. She loves you too!
Happy holiday!

I think I should claim a date for my blog. She needs a date to celebrate her birthday. Emmm.. when did I start blogging here. Feb or June?

The fonts and the size of this post are so weird. That happen when I am using other computer. I am using my uncle's computer. Holidaying in my hometown now. Perak! A little messy. Sorry~