23 January 2009

Lessons To Be Learnt In Zhu Hai, China

P/S: Missing out this post is like missing the Curry world. So, don't take the risk and start reading this!

I miss the days when I was having my holiday in Zhu Hai (Zhūhǎi, 珠海 or "Pearl Sea") and Macau with my family. It was an adventurous trip which I will never forget. Never ever, ever, ever! The memory is still fresh in my mind, as if it was just happened a month ago - although it was already 8 months ago.

It was a shame that I had missed out sharing my Zhu Hai trip with you. Sorry my dear readers. Please allow me to share them here though I know I am late. Rather be late than never, right. Haha.. Trust me, it is something worth to be shared.

If you are planning for a week holiday to China, do consider Zhu Hai+Macau package. Nothing is more worthy than save time, save cost and save energy. Yes. It sounds like SUPER SAVER package! Haha...

But it is true!

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Zhu Hai

1) Zhu Hai is located just beside Macau. Near!
It takes about 15-20 minutes from Macau Airport to Zhu Hai Customs. All you need is your passport to allow you to step into Zhu Hai within hour (The procedure in Zhu Hai Customs can be really irritating during peak hour. Long queue, crowded and strict).

2) Cheaper trip!
The cost of living in Zhu Hai is cheaper compare to Macau and Hong Kong. Thus, you can save up some pocket money for more trips! For example, it costs RMB120++ in Zhu Hai while RMB400++ in Macau. Gosh! See the difference?

3) The view in Zhu Hai is wonderful.
Learn to love the another side of the Earth.

4) Education - Geography, Sociology, Psychology, Marketing skills, whatelse?
You can expose yourself to different cultures and people in Zhu Hai. You get to learn more about them.

5) Paradise for shopaholic!
Darn cheap and up-to-date items especially clothes and accessories! Ladies, do take note of this! Apply our 'Buy till you broke' slogan. Lol..


So, let me start with something interesting. I pick the 4th point for this post. Let me attach with some 'proves' based on my observation. May I? :)

A Lesson To Be Learnt - Seriously!

I remembered the very first time when my family and I reached Zhu Hai. We had been to several places, guided by a tourist guide. He seemed to be friendly and I used to like him. 'Used'. And the word 'like' doesn't mean I had a crush on him. Don't get me wrong! I hated him after that. Why? Continue your reading and discover the answer.

He guided us to several places including this X tourist spot - a village with X cultures. Sorry for using 'X' because I had forgotten the name of the area and the name of the minority group. Anyway, you can recognize them base on their costume and language.

We were being welcomed with plastic flower. However, we were asked to place them back on a man-made wall in order to gain good fortune. What a good idea. Ceh~

This girl (a representative of the village) used to be very nice, friendly and funny with all her jokes and sweet smile. Again, 'used to'. She explained clearly about their cultures, people and language and I used to love her company. I likes their cultures and hand-made craft. Beautiful aren't they?

I bought this bag. Love it.

Soon, we followed the girl in a big group, to a wooden room. In the room, we were asked to sit in a big circle and being served with their tea. Wasn't that sound so nice, as if we were the VIP?

You are a VIP when you have the $$$$.

That's why, tourists are always being served as the VIP.

Things seemed to be wonderful at first and no one realized that there was a hidden trap behind the scene. (Ada egg behind mee curry). Yeah. No one.
The so-called family gathering have turned into a sale and marketing session

Once she ended her song (she sang two songs for us), all of the sudden, a group of people (6-8 of the other staff) filled the room with more 'joy-and-fun-event' - selling Chinese Teh, herbs, dried food and asking for donation. There was no room we can escape as they keep on pulling us with persuasion.

Well, they are really well-trained and managed to convince my parents to spend about RMB200 for their products. Not just my parents were the victim. In fact, almost all of the visitors in the room bought at least a bag of their products- accept me and an old lady because we have no money. Lol..

Wasn't that impressive?

It is a good marketing and psychology class and I shall keep this lesson properly.

At the end of the day, the girl didn't even let us go without doing another promotion when all of us were ready to flee. You will get the advantage to understand the situation by watching this video if you know Cantonese. Sorry for those who can't understand a single conversation in this video.

Again, Zhu Hai is a good place for real education
In fact, most of the tourist spots practice the same strategy especially China. So, beware or you will ended up being terribly broke for the very first day of the trip. Worse is when they don't accept any credit card service.


Advantages: Learn to be wiser in future.