02 January 2009

Korean Triangular Rice?

Note: Half of the post and photos were posted from my mobile phone - live! I am trying another mobile blogging attempt again but this time, only half of the post is being shown here. I guess there is word limit.


Just awhile ago, Eric and I been to Sungei Wang to get a new plastic cover for N-eggie, my handphone. The cover has broken and I was there looking for a new one.

Well I got it. Wait, not 'it' but 'them'. Haha.. I bought two since they are having promotion - two for RM15.

Cheap right? Normal price should be RM10 each.

Before leaving the mall, we had passed by a small stall selling Korean food. One of the staff recommended their signature food namely tri-kimbal? Oops. Please forgive me. I've forgotten the name of this rice.

Anyone know the exact name for this tri-angle rice wrap with seaweed? All I know is I bought the Kimchi Chicken flavour. Overall, there are 3 flavours starting from beef, tuna and Kimchi Chicken. In order to be a real curry, that is why I pick the spicy one. However, it doesn't taste spicy at all. Lolx... :P

Guess what, it tastes great and I enjoy munching the crunchy seaweed. The way they pack the food is brilliant! How? They separate the sticky rice and seaweed by placing another layer of see-through plastic in the middle. That's how they manage to keep the seaweed as crunchy as before.

Yummy yummy yummy!

Did I mention the price? It costs me RM5 per piece. Kinda expensive for me. Sob.. Anyway, it is OK as long as it tastes good. Anyone know how to make this triangular rice? ( please let me know the name of this rice if you know it. I need an expert here. Hahaha..)

Right now, I am imagining myself in Korea. How good if I get the chance to visit this lovely country. I wanna visit Rain, and other Korean artists. Besides, i wanna try all their food!

Oh my.

Anyone been to Korea before?